Dead End Dummy

Still clearing out Hesh’s apartment and taking a break to watch a show at Coney Island USA. Scott Baker in Dead End Dummy.

Captain Morgan’s Halloween Boobfest

Clearing out Hesh’s apart and taking a break at Margie’s Halloween party where Captain Morgan crashes the party and judges a boob competition.

Final Bow

You may have given your final bow and made your exit through the stage door but your presence will always be everywhere. The hardest part is that final goodbye. Losing a close friend whom you knew for years and kept a long working relationship and great friendship is hugely difficult. A void is left and…

Goodbye, Hesh

It’s not easy losing a friend who you spoke to every day for many years. It becomes a void that will be very difficult to get used to. I lost my best friend….a mentor, an artist, an entertainer. I met Hesh years ago and we formed a puppet troupe then went on to work on…

Originality .2 All Too Familiar

PART ONE OF TWO VIDEOS ON ORIGINALITY I don’t know. It seems our culture has been lacking Originality. Don’t you think? It’s almost like nobody can come up with new ideas on their own anymore. And when they don’t then they sort of copy others. Huh. And like has Hollywood run out of ideas? Why…

Originality .1 Akin To Genius ( Is Genius Original ? )

It seems genius may be what we consider to come as close to original as the term most likely describes. People say Originality doesn’t exist. Everything is derived from something else but then what’s the use of the word?. What do you think?