Creatively Critical

wom ep 24 Creatively Critical.jpg

I ask myself am I being truly creative

I have this sense that I can’t find that element that thing that is as original as it can be.

I know there is no such thing genuine originality.  I’ve talked about that in the past.  Since creativity is finding ideas that already exist (they don’t come out of nowhere) and combining them to make something slightly new.  A new relationship.  A new idea.  Then why does that self-doubt creep up.

We say we want the freedom to express ourselves but are we self-awareness enough to know what it is we’re trying to express? Do we see too much of what’s out there and fixate on attempting something similar and not be more independent in our thoughts and creative process?  Perhaps it’s a lack of trust.  Confidence.  Self-criticism.  I don’t worry much about being creatively stuck.  Getting creative blocks is a natural part of the process

So Why do we create? Or why do we want to create. Are we compelled by passion?  Or If I’m asking these questions of myself is it because I’m lacking that passion?

I know I’m naturally enjoy the consumption of other creative works.   We are inspired and motivated to do the same if we believe we have the inclination to possibly reach that level of skill to some extent. . However, there is a point where too much consumption hinders your creative juices.  productivity.

Perhaps we do it because we are trying to discovere discovery something that we weren’t aware that we can produce.  We are searching within ourselves? Or to what extent are we being too influenced by others’ creations and ideas that we either identify or wish we had done similarly.


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