Your Comfort Zone

the comfort zoneEvery day we make a decision to get out of our comfort zone. We do it every morning. Sometimes with ease and other times it takes a while but we make that move and do it. In case you haven’t heard. Your comfort zone is everything you do that is routine. The things you do that is safe, familiar, and easy. Where you don’t have to be judged or face any kind of fear. If you find you don’t take too many risks or put yourself out on the line much – that’s being in the comfort zone. There are the physical challenges but I’m talking career goals here. Where we can fall into a comfort zone. Pushing yourself out of that is where you find success. Whether you’re a filmmaker, content creator, or aspiring entrepreneur They say getting out of your comfort zone brings you rewards. That’s true but it can also bring failure. But that’s the chance you’re willing to take. Without trying you won’t have the chance at all. Which brings up Imperfection – which is also out of my comfort zone. But that’s silly. As best as I could produce something creative it’s going to be far from perfect. Because nothing is perfect. (refer to my older videos). Allowing for some things be imperfect is a good thing. Not on purpose, of course, but don’t frown on it. Just get it out there into the world. Stepping out of that zone can also help you see things more clearly. It helps to wake you up a bit about yourself. Life begins at the End of your comfort zone You need to face things that are uncertain, difficult. You need to be courageous. Your future self will berate you if you didn’t do those things that you wanted but were too afraid to try. It’s about working harder. Challenging yourself. It’s about going through what’s uncomfortable to obtain the things you want and the life you want. It’s all about getting out of your comfort zone.

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