Little Havana. Also known as Calle Ocho. Boasting a rich cacophony of Latin beats and vibes. It’s developed into a Cuban exile success story of culture, food, aroma, music, and cigars. Domino Park in Miami: A walk in Little Havana isn’t complete without a short stroll through Domino Park also known as Maximo Gomez Park was named after a soldier in Cuba fighting the Ten year Was against Spanish. The park offers a place for members to play Dominoes and sometimes Chess. The mural was painted by artist Oscar Thomas. It depicts the presidents of all American nations that attended the first Summit of the Americas, held in Miami in 1994. The park is swarmed by wide eyed tourists pointing there cameras at the local Domino players. I was always intrigued by the sophistication and the allure of the cigar. And cigar shops are quite the few her in Little Havana.


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