Christmas Night Stroll (iPhone 7 Plus / Zhiyun Smooth Q / Filmic Pro)

I hope those who celebrated, had a wonderful Christmas. I took my new gimbal out for a Christmas night stroll and tested it out for this new video. Shot on the iPhone 7 Plus. Filmed at the Presbyterian Church and Hyatt Extreme Christmas in Plantation, Florida.

Cinematic Christmas. Shot on the iPhone 7 Plus with the Zhiyun Smooth Q crane gimbal and the Filmic Pro app.

Filmed at the Prebyterian Church Plantation, Florida and at the Wyatt Extreme Christmas Plantation, Florida


Jack’s Obsession Cover Image

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Cover image for my cover song from Nightmare Before Christmas “Jack’s Obsession”

Nightmare Before Christmas – Jack’s Obsession Cover

“Jack’s Obsession” from Walt Disney and Tim Burton “Nightmare Before Christmas”
Cover song by Omar Robau

Join Jack Skellington as he racks his brains trying to figure out what Christmas is all about.

Cosplay, makeup, Jack Skellington Makeup, Jack Skellington Costume, cover songs, Disney Songs. Green screen, Adobe After Effects, Adobe Premiere.

Indie Annie Jones Addams Family Halloween Cocktails

Join The Addams Family with Indie Annie Jones this Halloween! Learn how to make some killer cocktails and more! Big Thanks to Omar Robau, Jessyca Jade Blanco, Kristopher Stoltz, Jonathan Vargas, and Alex Parra for being such an awesome cast. And thanks to my crew, Agatino Zurria, Andres Alfonso, Antonio Alfonso, and Stoltz for his magic in editing! Big thanks to Jane Parra for your support and help behind the scenes! he Addams Family is a fictional household created by American cartoonist Charles Addams. The Addams Family characters have traditionally included Gomez and Morticia Addams, their children Wednesday and Pugsley, close family members Uncle Fester and Grandmama, their butler Lurch, the disembodied hand Thing, and Gomez’s Cousin It


I have a few big regrets in life. And I explain them in this video. I think there is value in regret. The things you regret in life. Success comes after you realize what you have done wrong in life.

I feel huge regret for not starting to vlog years ago on YouTube.
As well as not taking a once in a life time opportunity to audition for Jim Henson of the Muppets himself.

Well, I certainly hope I limit my big regrets or better yet have none in my future.

Don’t miss the boat. Opportunities usually don’t come often.


I allow so much time to slip by. I question my intentions. Do I really want to do what I say I want? Or shall I say the things I want to be able to do. Things. Perhaps wanting too many…things is the problem. I have to admit; I lack motivation. What kind of creative person do I think I am if it’s so difficult to find it?. I allow too many distractions.
But I think my problem is grave. Procrastination is severe in my case. I never catch myself doing lazy things. Always things that open my mind. That I learn from. That seem productive. But they don’t move forward from that point A to point B where all the work is
Though it’s easy to blame my attention deficit disorder. And I know there must be accountability. My living with this deficit, takes my mind on a whirlwind of distractions discombobulated from a sane world. It’s like my senses are always absorbing everything around me. Unable to focus in on one thing.
A orgy of sensory stimulation….

Until I land on full hyper focus mode. Stimulating and Instant reward. But still unproductive.
Creativity is not a result from a knack of a natural flowing well of inspiration It’s something needs to be cultivated by diligently and deliberately coerced into existence.

Summer Replay 2016

The Summer is drawing to a close. This is a fast reply of some of the vacation and travel highlights of my 2016 summer. I’ve noticed I didn’t take too many selfies this year. I’ll try to make that up for the winter.

Wynwood Brew

Like a carefully brewed coffee cup this place has been bubbling to perfection with every cup.

I’m here in the Panther Coffee shop in the heart of Wynwood where the bohemian minded get there java on. They offer an openness about the craft of coffee by showcasing information about the growers of the beans. And share their knowledge of everything from plant to cup. They also offer delicious pastries and other delicacies including beer and wine.

I’m here today in Wynwood because recently I’ve been trying to find if there any authentic areas of creativity in Miami like I always found myself in back home in New York. And the only place I feel that is creating that authenticity is here in Wynwood.

The Wynwood arts district is home to many art galleries, retails stores, and other eclectic bars and shops.

It’s like a spin off from Williamsburg in Brooklyn Where they also converted old warehouses and closed down factories into creative spaces and places to meet, drink, and dine.

There is an eclectic and electric buzz everywhere you’re eyes turn.
On certain nights they have the art walks when this place really bustles.

The walls celebrate a melting pot of artists and styles.

I wish this place begins to experience an influx in the other arts as well. Like more a film community as well as more of a theatre community. At this point it’s basically art and design. I do have faith that it’s a matter of time before that starts brewing here in Wynwood.

There are few places that conjure up that special feeling for me…like Williamsburg or Greenwhich Village and especially Coney Island has in a big way. Now I feel Wynwood may do that with the thought of how its near future will be like. I think this is just the beginning.

I’m going to make sure I come here more often.

As the roasters and brewers practice the art and craft of the brew in the constant search for that satisfying coffee cup – this town of Wynwood is evolving through the art itself.