Summer Replay 2016

The Summer is drawing to a close. This is a fast reply of some of the vacation and travel highlights of my 2016 summer. I’ve noticed I didn’t take too many selfies this year. I’ll try to make that up for the winter.

Wynwood Brew

Like a carefully brewed coffee cup this place has been bubbling to perfection with every cup. I’m here in the Panther Coffee shop in the heart of Wynwood where the bohemian minded get there java on. They offer an openness about the craft of coffee by showcasing information about the growers of the beans. And…

Creatively Critical

I ask myself am I being truly creative I have this sense that I can’t find that element that thing that is as original as it can be. I know there is no such thing genuine originality.  I’ve talked about that in the past.  Since creativity is finding ideas that already exist (they don’t come…


We’re back! After months of feeling creatively stagnant and feeling that time is marching on I started to feel that I was losing out in this game of life. But I needed something motivating. I found it from Gary Vaynerchuk. He’s a hugely inspirational motivational speaker and entrepreneur. He talks about not falling into the…

A Story Ends

Coney Island ends for the summer as my story with my long-time good friend ends.  Losing a close friend closes an important chapter in your life. But only you can keep it alive by never forgetting it.

City Trek

Still missing my friend who’s gone. Hesh will always be with me no matter where I go. I was strumming along New York City on a quiet trek.

Hostage Puppets

Moving the last things out of Hesh’s Brooklyn, New York apartment.

Broadway Bound By Police Escort

Almost done cleaning out my late friend Hesh Goldberg’s apartment.  Took a break to go see a show with my friend Margie.  Her sister, Captain Miranda gave us a police escort to the Broadway show starting Carol Burnett and Brian Dennehy in “Love Letters”.

Dead End Dummy

Still clearing out Hesh’s apartment and taking a break to watch a show at Coney Island USA. Scott Baker in Dead End Dummy.