Nightmare Before Christmas – Jack’s Obsession Cover

Cosplay Cover Song Video of Jack’s Obsession” from Walt Disney and Tim Burton “Nightmare Before Christmas” Cover song by Omar Robau Join Jack Skellington as he racks his brains trying to figure out what Christmas is all about. Cosplay, makeup, Jack Skellington Makeup, Jack Skellington Costume, cover songs, Disney Songs. Green screen, Adobe After Effects, … More Nightmare Before Christmas – Jack’s Obsession Cover

Wynwood Brew

Like a carefully brewed coffee cup this place has been bubbling to perfection with every cup. I’m here in the Panther Coffee shop in the heart of Wynwood where the bohemian minded get there java on. They offer an openness about the craft of coffee by showcasing information about the growers of the beans. And … More Wynwood Brew

Undecided Changes

Got lots of ideas but couldn’t flush them out for a video so I decided to rant about being indecisive. Undecided or indecision whatever the word is I know that I need to make changes in my channel to fancy the viewers that would turn into subscribers. But, wait I need to fancy myself. There … More Undecided Changes